While several factors determine the chances of an individual being pre-diabetic, our story at one major factor particularly inspires DeeveHealth.

We realized that even if you have a proper healthy lifestyle, there are still high chances of you unknowingly being pre-diabetic and sooner or later contracting diabetes if it runs in your genes. While our founder himself ran a high risk of being pre-diabetic, because both his parents were diabetes patients, he realized that he must do something for himself and others of his like. And this is what gave birth to DeeveHealth.  Through our 16 weeks dedicated program, we at DeeveHealth, wish to accomplish a twin mission. Firstly, we wish to reduce the risk of a person being pre-diabetic . Secondly, if someone is already pre-diabetic, then minimizing and ultimately nullifying his probability of falling prey to Type 2 diabetes. Facilitated by science and revolutionizing technology, our services of dedicated health coach, peer and community group support, habit formation, and physical activities aim at reversing the mind-boggling and disturbing statistics about diabetes today. We believe in delivering results, for actions speak louder than words. Very recently, one of our member, Mr. V, who was pre-diabetic and had the highest chances of being diabetic by the next one year, has come out of the claws of diabetes fully, by undergoing our program. We proudly announce and celebrate the fortunate fact he is no more pre-diabetic, forget to be diabetic!

The list of such stories is endless. It is essential to understand that diabetes is preventable and curable as well. DeeveHealth bridges the gap. We help you prevent what your friends or family members might have faced. Very importantly, we prevent the ripple effect of diabetes. If you are cured of diabetes or successfully able to prevent it, as the case may be, the chances of this disease passing down to the next generations decline, as well. So basically, DeeveHealth not only helps you, but cares for your future generations as well.

Therefore, do not ignore this one of the major symptoms. If you're pre-diabetic, DeeveHealth is what you need. Join our program, and be an addition to the list of our success stories.